Adaptive Sound Upmix System


Adaptive Radiated Sound Enhancement




Usher's Upmixer





Audio Demonstrations of the New Upmixer.


  • Click on underlined text below to download the file.

  • All the audio files are two-channel, 44.1 kHz, 16 bit .wav files, between 30 and 60 seconds long (5-12 MB).

  • The "original" file is before the upmix processing, and the "output" file contains the two channels with the "extracted reverb" intended to be played with rear-loudspeakers.

  • Please note: The "look-ahead" filtering method suggested in the thesis is not implemented.

  • Please feel free to email me any two-channel audio files you wish to hear upmixed.






Original: "Her Majesty" (The Beatles).

This 30-second pop song is a good example of hard panning and dynamic amplitude panning to move the sound source from one speaker to the other.


Upmixed output of "Her Majesty": -5 dB cross-talk.


Upmixed output of "Her Majesty": No cross-talk.

With no cross-talk, this sounds un-natural and "jumpy" as the direct sound can not be cancelled for the hard-panned voice at the beginning.


"Her Majesty" LS and RS surround channel outputs from DPLII.







Original: Solo voice.

Reproduced with a single loudspeaker in a 2000 m3 concert hall, recorded 3 metres off-axis with a spaced microphone pair.


Upmixed Output of solo voice recording.


Solo voice recording LS and RS surround channel outputs from DPLII.







Original: "War and Peace".

Electro-pop song with multiple voices at different locations.


Upmixed Output of "War and Peace".







Original: "What Is Hip?"

Funk-pop song with multiple instruments.


Upmixed Output of "What Is Hip?".







Original: Trumpet Solo in Church.


Upmixed Output of Trumpet Solo.